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Another Scam


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As the end of the Tax Year was the 31st January it is time once again for the fraudsters to try and get you hoodwinked. The following is the attractive message I received yesterday. All looks genuine and even had the HMRC logo but...... I do not think that HMRC actually uses Tesco as a bank and I also doubt they would tell me such things through the internet. The sender address was:


HM Revenue & Customs [customer-service@tescobank.com]


Dear Applicant:

You have received a tax refund payment of 302.25GBP

from HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) into your Internet

Banking Account.


Please accept the tax refund request. The money will

appear in your Internet Banking Account within 3-6 days.


A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons.


For example submitting invalid records or applying

after the deadline.


Please click here in to Online Banking to accept

your incoming funds


This will only take a few moments.


Yours Sincerely,

Security Advisor.

HM Revenue & Customs

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Of course clicking the link will no doubt ask me to reveal all my banking details....just for payment. However, as my wife does correctly say, an elderly person could easily be fooled by this scam. They hav even used an amount that is small enough to get you thinking and adding a few pence makes it look even better than stating for example you have a rebate of £1000 which most people (I Hope) would realise was not genuine.


Anyway, if you get similar be warned.


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Interesting that the scammers do not seem to have a "£" symbol on their keyboard - and added GBP after the amount.


Also the " Dear Applicant " bit shows that they have no idea who they are writing to.


Not very convincing.



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kelly58 - 2013-03-02 11:16 AM


Every year I do my self assesment in April and every May I receive the same scam e-mail usually for the same amount which I forward to DWP.


I would agree but as you have very efficiently been doing this, but they are still coming out, one does wonder if there is much point. Of course it could be a many headed Hydra, cut one and more appear.

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