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All the Aires France 2013/14 For sale


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lennyhb - 2013-03-14 4:39 PM


Why do they call it "All the Aires of France" when it only has a third of the 8000 Aires in France listed in it ? (lol)


Same question asked a fortnight ago. See my 28 February 2013 6:40 PM posting on this thread:




The larger of the French 'aires' booklets - "Le Guide Officiel..." - includes entries for France Passion sites, campsites/motorhome-dealerships/supermarkets with motorhome service-points, motorhome service-points on autoroutes, and a limited selection of 'aires' outside France. The total number of entries (according to the Guide Official) comes to 8000, but most of these won't be the type covered by the Vicarious Books publication.


"Selected Aires in France" would be a more appropriate title perhaps, but "All the Aires..." now has a history and I can't see any great reason to alter it. Titles don't have to be precise - what the hell do "Out and About Live" or "Motorhome Motorcaravan Monthly" mean?

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Hi Dont understand why people are prepared to pay such high prices for these english Aires books,we have managed for years with the ones you can buy in most Super Markets in europe for only a few Euroes ( IE between 7-11 euro ) also they seem to last for ever ,the average book having about 8 thousand or more in it. Which is only a small fraction of the total, so when Vics Books named their version all the Aires it isnt quite correct.Also friends of ours who bought an english version found that a number of the entries didnt exist, or where only parking areas. ;-)
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Laika 4.1 - 2013-03-15 9:17 PM


Hi Dont understand why people are prepared to pay such high prices for these english Aires books...,


Probably the most significant reason for UK motorcaravanners choosing to buy the English-language "All the Aires..." books is that these books are written in English.


French aires guides are indeed cheaper. The 2013 price for "Le Guide Officiel..." is €10.50 and the booklet is said to contain 6300 entries (rather than the 8000 of recent earlier versions), while the 2013 "Le Guide National..." has 3100 aire de services entries and costs €9.90. But these French-language publications are not direct competitors to the Vicarious Books booklets.


I've never bought the Vicarious Books 'aires' guides. I buy a copy of "Le Guide Officiel" every few years as they do become outdated over time. But I can read French, I understand how the French guides are formatted and I'm not really looking for advice on the 'quality' of aires. That some aires in the Vicarious Books guides no longer exist, or are parking areas, shouldn't be too surprising - this will be just as true for the French guides.


If I were a UK motorcaravanner travelling (perhaps for the first time) to the Continent and wishing to explore the delights of motorhome 'aires', I'd find the Vicarious Books publications attractive. Where France is concerned, the "All the Aires..." guide-book may not have the sheer scope of "Le Guide Officiel...", but the latest edition's 2710 entries is not far behind the 3100 entries of "Le Guide National..." (which I've always thought poor value, incidentally).


Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Vicarious Books guides? If so, it's possible to sample their content here:




What's not to like?

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Guest JudgeMental
well done but just goes to show how bonkers ebay can be....Like all forms of gambling, auctions no different and some people get carried away.
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Curtisden - 2013-03-24 1:26 PM


Thanks to everyone for looking at this book for sale.

In the end It sold for £25.00+


Ha Ha Ha! Nice one! Im off to purchase 100 of them to sell on Ebay. One born every minute as they say.


I tend to use the laptop with the offline or onliine (if I have a wifi signal) camping car infos guide but Mrs D likes the book. She likes to check the index as we drive through towns to see if they have an Aire. Of course the sat nav pings everytime we are within 1km of one but she still checks the book regardless.


The good thing about camping car infos of course is that its not just France. You could pretty much travel all over Europe with nothing else but the off line version and sat nav POI.

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Just shows how gullible some people can be!

Just been looking at Vignettes for 3500kg van for Switzerland and there are some used but unmarked ones on Ebay (Iffy ones!) with bidding up to £31 at present plus postage.


Price on line direct with Swiss Railways for official vignette is £29 including postage.


You really couldn't make it up could you?



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