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26 reasons why I like my car


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Dave, it is what we FA's fear when visiting someone for the first time!


I have walked out of a meeting where their dog chewed my shoes whilst my feet were still in them,


I upset one set of parents because I stated that i could not carry on if they were going to let their child shout all the time and demand that I gave her paper to draw on (the parents were oblivious to just how badly behaved their child was!)


I did once sit on someones black cat (it survived) as in the gloom of their house I assumed it was a cushion. Very strange to have something squirming underneath you.


I have even arranged an investment for a recently retired couple where on completing the Trust Forms, the husband, in full knowledge of his wife (she was there at the time! 8-) stated that the beneficiaries are to be his wife and another lady. When I asked who this other lady was I was told without any hesitation that she was the husbands mistress.


I now only see people in the office - far safer! :-S


I think these pictures show just how strange some people can be.


And the guy with the rabbits seems incredibly sad.


And I think I am off the mayonnaise for a bit. :-o



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No 6 - oh dear, feeling a bit blue ... what a bummer!!!

No 7 - an even BIGGER bummer!!!

No 10 - I wonder if I could od that with my smart car?

No 13 - the bus add ... why am I not surprised!

No 15 - how many of you 'guys' want to joint the Rainbow Bus club ....

No 20 - I want a purple hammock too!

No 23 - perhaps they're very unfortunate conjoined twins?



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