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Caravan mover for trailer


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Hi all,


Not sure if this was the correct place to post this question...


I have a Brian James Minno trailer that I use to tow a race car.

It is going to be a struggle for just me to hitch/unhitch to motorhome and manoeuvre in & out of garage/drive. I'm thinking one of these caravan movers would make it a lot easier - manual or remote.


I have seen you can get them for your trailers but I am after something off ebay and I'm not sure which ones are compatible and would do what I require.

Do the movers get you over bumps or does surface need to be smooth?

Is anyone able to identify any on ebay that would be suitable please?




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You can fit a mover to any trailer without too much difficulty as long as it has a chassis that will support the motors. It is a DIY job as well. You will need a battery (80 - 110 amps) to power the mover and this can either be permanently mounted on the trailer or you can have a mount where you can install it as you need it. The connections are by basic battery clamps. Powrtouch is a very good make and do a variety of models depending on the wheel arrangement and weight.


As for Ebay as long as the product is either new or in good condition then it could work, but if well used then a cheap price may offer poor value.



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