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Berlin Campsites


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Am looking for a sensibly priced Campsite as close as possible to central Berlin. Had a look at Stellplatz sites and most are only overnight which is no use to me. I usually stay on a site N of Berlin but her charges have become rather expensive.


Any recommendations anyone? Co-ordinates would also be much appreciated if you have them! (lol)

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Mike B. - 2013-03-22 12:09 PM


Try this one-we were happy with it. Train to Berlin centre is a few minutes walk away and takes you right to the centre in about 15 minutes





Broken link Mike.

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Philman - 2013-03-22 1:42 PM


There is a nice campsite at Kladow and another at Gatow. Frequent buses to city centre. We stayed at both in different years and had a scooter which we used to go in and out. Lots of good shopping locally.



Thanks Phil


Located the sites with GPS co-ords too. :-D


It's a pet 'bug' of mine when sites do a brilliant website description of their 'amazing site'......but don't bother to put GPS on!

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We have stayed at these two campsites from which we have visited Berlin.



The first one is probably better for motorhomers as the site run a free minibus to the nearest station/tram stop for Potsdam and Berlin HBF. The second one is on the eastern side of Berlin and is a couple of miles from the local staion with a free carpark but not sure if it would accept motorhomes as parking spaces car sized.



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