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First Motorhome


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Hi, we are intending to purchase our first motorhome at the end of the summer and we fancy a new


Elddis Autoquest 140


I've been watching them for a couple of years now and we have our heart set on one however I haven't managed to actually find a review of one, let alone the 2013 model with the new type of body construction.


Elddis tell me their next issue of the 140 will be due in July/August so I will need to wait and see what changes there are over the current model when considering which one we go for but as I would want cab air conditioning I reckon it will have to be the next issue so probably a "63" registered vehicle.


Does anyone have a 140 and can offer any advice or thoughts or has anyone seen a genuine review of the current model other than a sales pitch.


Can't wait. It's been years in the coming.


Look forward to any help/advice.

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Was talking to a guy two days ago who had a 61 model he said he liked it but the fact that it did not have a locker accessible from the outside was a big drawback. Being new to motorhoming you might not think it is a deal breaker but having to bring wet and/or dirty ramps, cables, hosepipes etc in to the habitation is not good.


If I was spending the money it costs to buy an Autoquest new I would look at a one or two year old more upmarket van, but that is only my opinion.

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Other motorhomse to consider would be the Autotrail Tribute, slightly more expensive but on the 3500kg Ford Transit chassis giving approx 750kg payload. Same engine as the Peugeot, but differing output.



or Swift Escape 644, 3300kg Fiat Ducato chassis (same shape as the Peugeot, but different engine option)


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