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Trumatic c6002eh


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Is this right?

On electric heating,both 900 and 1800 watts the warm air oozes through the vents quitely and softly only slowly heating the van(and not by very much)

When I use gas alone or a combination the fan goes into hyper-drive forcing loads of hot air into the van until the thermostat reduces the speed when all is toasty.

I am fairly sure that I'm using the controls correctly(read the manual whilst standing over the beast)

I just want to know that the thing is functioning correctly,I've been back to the dealers twice in two weeks with other sorts.

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gocro - 2013-03-23 3:18 PM


Is this right?...




The speed of the blown-air fan is proportional to the output of the heater. When you operate a Truma C-6002EH appliance in gas-only mode, it can produce a maximum of 6000W of heat. When you operate it in 'mixed' gas+230V mode, it can produce up to 7800W.


What the heater does is to compare the position (1 to 9) of the rotary switch on the control-panel (which is connected to a remote thermostat) against the air temperature in the motorhome's habitation area and (once the heater has warmed up), select the appropriate gas-burner setting. If it's cold, the highest gas-burner setting will be selected (plus the 230V heating elements if mixed-mode has been chosen) together with the highest fan speed. As the temperature within the motorhome rises, the gas-burner's setting will be stepped down and the fan speed will reduce to match.


When 230V-only operation is selected, the heater's maximum output will be 1800W. This is less than the lowest gas-burner setting (2000W) and the fan speed remains low to match the elements' output. It would be counter-productive to have the blown-air fan run at a higher speed when the heater can only produce 1800W on 230V. All that would happen would be a lot of air would pass over the 230V heating elements, but no more heat would transfer from the elements to the air. In fact, it's probable that there would be no time for heat to transfer, and the rushing air would cool down the 230V elements rather the elements heat the air.


This is (sort of) touched on in the C-6002EH Operating Instructions, where it's explained that the 230V electrical capability is intended for secondary heating only and, if a higher output than 1800W is needed to raise/maintain the living-area temperature, gas or 'mixed' operation must be selected.

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