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Let me start off by saying my computer skills are fairly basic so any forthcoming advice from you knowledgeable guys needs to be a bit ABC.


Right, iv'e installed a CCTV system on the house front as, during the summer months, the van sits on my drive a lot and since we've had a bit of vandalism and cat conveters nicked recently I thought it a good idea maybe! My question is, I'm able to backup any part of the hardive to a memory stick for viewing later or for showing others but if I wanted to maipulate these images ie, zoom in, crop etc would I have to buy software or is there anything in Wndows 7 that would do it.


Sorry if this is a numpty ask.

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Guest 1footinthegrave

Quite simple to achieve, first download "VLC media player", and install. it's free to use.


Load up your video in it, it will play just about anything available by clicking on the "media" tab, top left, then on "open file" and browse to your video footage, it will then start to play......


whilst playing you can take a snapshot, or multiple snapshots of your moving images, to do this click on " take snapshot" from the video tab at the top, (this is on the bottom of that tab) as it's playing or paused


This will be automatically saved to your my pictures folder.


Download and install Window live photo gallery, from there you can open the image / images and zoom, crop, or do anything else you want.


As an example this is a screen grab of a movie done exactly as outlined, and a crop of the one picture, hope that helps, PM me if you have any other questions.




P.S, subtitles on as I'm mutt and jeff :D




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Guest 1footinthegrave
Pete-B - 2013-03-29 7:57 PM


Thanks for the tips, much appreciated ;-)


Dim problem, as they say in Wales. ;-)

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