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Tyre Pressure Monitors, help needed


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As you've mentioned a 4psi fall in pressure, it's quite likely this is the product you have:




It would appear that the product Brambles gave a link to 'fixes' its pressure when initially fitted and cannot be recalibrated.


However, the valve-type monitor advertised in the link I've given above functions differently and transferring from vehicle to vehicle is not a potential problem. The website says:


"You can swop them with other vehicles


Competitor products are set forever the first time they are screwed on, if the pressure was wrong or you want to change it, you can’t. The LED Pressure Alarm™ resets every time you screw it on, so if you change vehicles or want lower or higher pressure then no problem. Whatever the optimum pressure is that you need to monitor, once screwed in place the alarm will calibrate to that new pressure and then monitor it for drops."

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