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European breakdown cover


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Hi all


I am looking to change my motorhome insurance soon.I have had a reasonable quote from a broker (not Comfort) for insurance with Aviva that includes ''Comprehensive E U recovery''.

This part of the policy is subbed out to the RAC.

What I would like to know is does the comprehensive recovery bit cover me with a replacement driver if I break a leg or something.This is important to us as I am the only driver


I have tried the broker and he said the policy is comprehensive.

RAC website said that most of their policies do.

Cannot find a definative answer on the Aviva website.


Looking through some old posts on here I noticed that Brian K and Derek U knew a fair bit about the Aviva policy.

Can they or anybody else give me some hints or point me to a place on the web that has the answer before I try and talk to somebody at Aviva.

With thanks


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....the only way to get a definitive answer is by reading the policy documents for the specific policy you take out.


Whilst services may be offered by the same underlying providers, the detail may well vary depending on the headline "consolidator".


FWIW, the following is an extract (from the EU, not UK part) of the Comfort policy (underwritten by AVIVA with breakdown cover via the RAC).


• a replacement driver, if a registered doctor

declares the only qualified driver is medically

unfit to drive and there are no passengers who

can legally drive the car to complete the

journey. In these circumstances it will be at the

discretion of RAC whether a replacement driver

is provided, to enable you to reach your

destination or return home.


You should look for something similar in the policy on offer (and note the caveat on the clause!)

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Thanks for that Robin.


That is the sort of wording I am hoping for and would be happy with.


I guess if I take out the insurance it's as you state and I will only know when the policy book comes


I have always got the nuclear option if the terms and conditions are not suitable and cancel it get my money back and go somewhere else


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The size restrictions with the RAC are a bit odd, normaly they don't cover a van of our size, but they supply cover for C&CC Arrival, so when our Fiat camping assist ran out I phoned up RAC with couple of quieries and whilst talking to advisor he said 'right thats sorted then' when I asked what he meant he explained that as we where C&CC members and also long term RAC personal members he had lifted weight and size restrictions at no extra cost
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We are insured through Safeguard and European breakdown cover is included in the price. I have had to call them out just once and the response was superb. Cover is supplied through AA and they were very efficient with arranging a garage etc in Europe.

Their cover does provide a replacement driver if the driver is not capable of driving the vehicle PROVIDING there is no other driver named on the policy available to drive it.

I had the mrs taken off the insurance specifically for this reason (At Safeguard's suggestion)


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