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lock system - hymer B664 CL


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hi, i have problem with my habitation door lock system. the internal lever spring must of come off because the handle is loose and i cannot find a way to split the door to look at the system. can anybody offer any advice as to how to get to the problem please.
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The retaining screws that hold the lock mechanism in place are normally behind " Plastic Blanks "

probably the same colour as the door and they can blend in very very well.


I`ve just had to repair mine as there is a Very Small spring inside that had snapped.

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lennyhb - 2013-04-07 7:39 PM


My van is an SL so not quite the same but access is similar as Graham says you will need to remove the screw covers the screws will be torx head screws. You will need new screw covers you won't get them out undamaged.




I haven`t bothered replacing the Blanks on mine, they were quite hard to get out and as you say

it damaged them.


The only way on a couple of them was to make a little pilot hole and use a Wood Screw then i had

something to get hold of and pull them out.


I was lucky and found a little spring the right size in one of my Goodie Boxes in the garage.


I regularly dismantle anything and everything i`m throwing away and remove screws, washers,

springs, nuts and bolts, etc.etc.


When i saw how much a new Lock Assembly costs i`m glad i had one already .......LOL

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