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Fon in France


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I have found Fon in France a sparse network and have rarely been able to log in.

While in Belgium it is often possible to log on in the towns with a little patience.

Only this week we were finishing off our latest foray afield in Ypres as we always do, before catching a late tunnel home to Kent.

There were Fon connections around the Menin Gate which with a little resolve, were 3 bars on my Mobile phone. I was able to log on not only with my IPhone but later in the Camper on my IPad without a booster antenna. The speed was fine.

What I have found is you need to give the system time to work and logging in can take several minutes. Bashing the log in button more than once does not help and I think may cause the process to restart delaying log on further.

I find the directional booster antenna I have useful in various situations.

In the UK its works treat with Fon, McD and other points for some distance.

In Europe.

Parked up near a McD facing the door is important works every time.

Tourest information offices as long as you have asked for the code where needed is also a worker.

Supermarkets from outside works again with the code which is available at CS.

Coffee shops and the like also work with BT in part. Strangely Train and Bus stations work sometimes?

Small remote towns also have a public network increasingly these days. Ypres had one that was fast and freely available in the Cloth Square. Albert that morning also had a system that needed a code which was available in some shops.

None of this is good enough for downloading which i never do abroad, but for E mail booking a crossing and banking it's fine.

In the main it need patience resolve and perseverance to succeed. I find a smart phone a good starter to indicate local spots which you can then exploit with a pad or netbook.

In France and I find Italy there are I understand requirements to either have a bank account or be a resident to gain access and hence the problems. The free setups with log ons requiring a form that you fill in I find a waste of time.

Finally I don't expect too much but when I find a location I use it. :-D

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Thanks for the heads-up on this Peter - I think I'll copy and paste your post for future reference.

We're OK at the moment, as we're on a campsite with free Wifi ("free" = "included in fee," which is €24 here in Sitges!) but always on the lookout for ways to keep in touch.

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Seems that you can connect now via SFR in the ir hot spots if you follow the following

Apple translation so may be a little skewed?


Everything about the SFR Fon customers Box of SFR WiFi service (ADSL or fiber) you can enjoy free and unlimited WiFi coverage fon internationally, in addition to the national SFR WiFi network.



• WiFi fon service is enabled by default for all box of DFS clients.


• To take advantage of the unlimited overseas, fon WiFi connection connect to a hotspot of the local fon partner (Belgacom in Belgium, Zon in Portugal, BT in the United Kingdom...).

The list of hotspots is available on http://maps.fon.com/fr.

How to connect to the Fon Wifi service from abroad?


1. Select a Fon hotspot WiFi networks available (Belgacom Fon wi - fi, BTWiFi, FON_ZON_FREE_INTERNET, OI_WIFI_FON)...

2 Open your Internet browser, the internet connection is on the portal of the operator.

3. Log in with your ID SFR prefix by "SFR /", if your ID is "coco.lechat@sfr.fr", login abroad will be "SFR/coco.lechat@sfr.fr".

The password does not change.


The most asked questions • I am client box of SFR, how and where can I connect?

In France: You can connect on all SFR WiFi hotspots by entering your ID and password SFR on the portal of the nearby hotspot connection.

Abroad: you can connect on all hotsposts fon abroad partners by entering your identifier prefix SFR by «SFR / ' and your usual password on the connection of the nearby hotspot portal (examples of hotspot fon abroad: Belgacom Fon wi - fi, BTWiFi, FON_ZON_FREE_INTERNET, OI_WIFI_FON...)


• I am subscribed to internet with SFR, what are my credentials fon abroad?

Your login fon abroad is your identifier prefix SFR box by "SFR /".

Your password is the one you usually use on softonic.com.


• Activation of fon can reduce the speed of my connection?

The fact to activate the fon and allow connections from the community SFR WiFi or fon will not disturb the quality of your connection. Your own use is always takes precedence.


• How securing my network is maintained once enabled fon?

Private WiFi network is secured by a specific to your connection WEP or WPA encryption. 'SFR fon WiFi' public networks are totally independent of the private network. It is impossible to access the data from your computer. On the other hand only the fon community members have access to the Internet since the public signal, they must authenticate on the captive portal by entering their user name (e-mail) and password.


• How can deactivate/reactivate fon?

You can disable or re-enable the service on the fon service management space.


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sambukashot - 2013-06-25 10:47 AM

You can also log in to the popular Orange networks in France using your BT username & password.

Just select BT from the drop down box after you login to Orange wifi and then enter your details! 

I've tried this both with Orange and SFR but always been rejected with something like password or user name not recognised,Have never tried inputting SFR/ in front of password, maybe next time, hopefully September.Allen
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Guest searchforsites

This is really useful info as whenever I have searched for wifi using just the ipad the sfr spots are the most prominent.

The cost of the kit is still going to take a while to recoup though compared to unlimited vodafone Internet at £3/ day as and when required.


£160 for wifi router and aerial plus £30 for fon

£190/3 = 63 days of Internet (which I can access anywhere and not restricted to the van)


Obviously can be done cheaper especially if you are already with BT.


Or am I missing something?

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