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Water hosepipe


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As a newbie, I would like to ask advice about Fresh Water hoses.


1 What length of hosepipe is recommended (never filled up on site before)?


2 Anyone had experience of the X Hose, the incredible expanding/shrinking hose?



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I have a 3 metre garden hose with a range of tap adapters

All depends on site layout I use a 5 litre water carrier to top up if not moving the MH some use a watering can

I fill up 2 x 2 litre bottles of water for drinking tea coffee

Hope this helps


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It is recommended that you use a blue,food quality hose, as it doesn't leach plastisisers into your tank.

Personnaly I just use a 5 metre garden hose as it is more flexible for storage, i just run water through it for a little while before filling. I saw the shrinking hose at Harrogate and thought it a good idea but far to pricey. I would buy one at half the price then carry it in a bucket as you don't need to coil it, then have two ways to refill.

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I got one off ebay, yellow in colour, similar to this:




Does the job fine, free delivery in our case and doesn't kink. I run it through with a blast of water before using it each time.

Excellent :-D

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Hi,, we use 1 of those green curly ones with beautiful brass fittings,I've seen them in most garden centres, and the plastic fittings all work fine with them, and if we need to we can use two of them to give us 50 metres. CG made a natty little bag which contains them, and I guess they take up about the same space as a bucket, but the shape is a bit different. Hey don't seem to get tangled in the gag.


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I have 2 hose lengths: one about 5 metres long, and the other about 10 metres long. Both fitted with the push-fit plastic instant connector thingies.

The hose is the bog standard green garden hose. Have never used anything else in all our time motorhoming, and have not yet died of any dreaded lurgy.


Don't forget to also carry a variety of different sized tap connector fittings....as tap mouth designs vary a lot across Europe.


I do also carry a 20 litre water container which I can use for topping up if we are parked up a long way from a tap...........it actually sits nicely in the top-box of our scooter, so i can go and "forage" for some fresh water if needs be.

If you've got a standard water filler point on the side of your motorhome, you'll find that there's a rainwater waste pipe 90 degree bend available from B & Q etc which push-fits into it's outer lip perfectly, and you can then pour water from your container/bottles/watering can into this "funnel" easily.



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We use a 5m blue food quality hose, this has a plastic 'funnel' which has fitted every tap we've come across so far.

Two points.

firstly, being transparent you can see the mould which builds up inside.

secondly, 5m is the shortest I'd recommend, in fact I'd say a bit longer would be better, it's surprising how difficult some taps are to access.


also we have a 15litre water container for those taps where you just can't get anywhere near.

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I use good quality garden hose, 1 x 2m length, 1 x 7m length that can be coupled together, and a 20m roll flat hose (removed from cassette) for those difficult situations. A selection of tap fitting a short length of hose with a flexible tap connector. 3/4" BSP is the most common tap fitting I always carry a few of the 3/4" tap adapters (usually come with 1/2" as well) as often forget and leave them behind on the tap.


If there is a length of hose on the tap you are filling up from it is advisable to disconnect it and use your own hose, you never know what the last person used it for.


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Started off many years ago caring a 3m garden hose. Then cut it into 3 parts later to help on storage.

But last year after some serious consideration on carrying stuff I never use I took out 2 of the three sections and since have never had a problem at a pillar.

I do have a 1 meter food grade end that fits into the filler the pops on the end of the hose for hygiene only, nothing else.

I use Wilkinson hose fittings as they are compatible to Hozelock and cost 20% the cost. That way I can carry a few and not worry about losing one or two.

I also carry a 10lt plastic Jerry which with a Whale Superfill high flow top up pump I use to top up on a Aire when I don't want to move. Empties the 10 lt Jerry in 30 seconds. Just fit a 12 volt plug alongside the top up cap and its done.




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Might be an idea to have a read of this thread, especially the last posting where I've given a link to a hose demonstration:




and this one too:




oh, and this one!




I took a photo a while back of my 'collection' of water bits and bobs and now carry:


20ft hose (yellow one which we cut in half from it's original length of 40ft)


5L rigid container which being tall and narrow can easily be slotted in the wash room out of the way behind the toilet covered up to keep it 'clean' of course! (We can keep this full of water if needs be to us for hair washing, washing up etc as it adds to our 66L water tank capacity).


10L (I think!) collapsible water container 'cube'


1 metre (approx) piece of clear pipe with push on tap connector, useful for when we're filling the water containers which won't fit under the tap


1 funnel - the black one was my original which was just a standard car petrol funnel, but now I've got a 90 degree elbow pipe with a green 'oblong' funnel instead so can actually do the job single handedly as it stays put in the filler point (one of us used to have to hold the black funnel in place and usually got sloshed by the other!).


The yellow hosepipe is coiled into the black bag, the clear pipe is coiled inside this then the elbow piece and funnel goes inside this, all nice and neat; the smaller bits go into a small bag.


Various tap/hose connectors and a small strap with slide buckle which can be fastened to the tap to hold the button on.


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Relatives came over from Philadelphia at Christmas and brought me a "Pocket Hose" I think this is the same thing as the "X Hose" just a different name, it shrinks down in size when not in use (but you will need slightly larger than normal pockets for it to fit into) and expands to 50 feet when connected to a water supply. I have seen them advertised in the UK for about £45:00 but in Walmart in the USA they retail at $19:88 or approx £13:20 (RIP OFF BRITAIN) mine has worked OK and does what it says on the tin, so far! but there has been a lot of bad reports about them in America re; plastic connectors splitting or blowing off the end of the hose if left under pressure for too long, don't know how much water pressure they have over there but where I live it's about 2 - 2.5 bar 29 - 36 psi.


P.S. Don't put one in your pants pocket straight after use, it gets a bit embarrassing when people keep staring at a wet bulge and you have to explain that your not that big of a boy and no you haven't been caught short.



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