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New member reliable base vehicle ?

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After several years of wild camping Scotland /islands in my trusted transit I am thinking of van conversion and more comfort! But I would like info on best /reliable base vehicle as research shows choice fiat peugeot critreon I plan to do a lot of miles uk / Europe as for layout that's another story! So many choices
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Each to their own of course, but for me, in the real world, it is the simpler the better.


An older (say up to 2002) Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD has none of the fancy EGR valve, posh ECU/canbus milarky of later models; and no catalytic converter to get stolen.

But the 2.8 engine does have enough grunt to chug around nicely, even with a coachbuilt body on the back.

It's engine/chassis cab/mechanicals are proven over hundreds and hundreds of billions of miles by vans all over Europe.

Spares cost tuppence.

Servicing is dead cheap, and/or you can self-service very easily as it is simple to work on.

Spare parts/repairs available from more or less any garage in any town right across Europe.


Also, and this is a biggie for me; such a vehicle is massively cheaper to buy than a later, more complicated one.

Many will say that the drive is better on the new Ducato/ford etc. That may well be true, but my van is perfectly comfortable to drive for ten hours a day if needs be, will cruise forever at about 65mph, is utterly bulletproof, has no reversing judder or water entering gearbox/engine bay problems; and I've saved maybe £20,000........which pays for an awful lot of fuel/maintenance/touring.


Also the annual depreciation rate, which is actually BY A MILE the biggest cost of motorhome ownership, is not anywhere near so massive.


Engine not compliant with the London LEZ, but I never go there.

Earlier Ducatos (X230/240) : used and abused by millions of white van men all over the globe, yet keep on going and going and going.

I'm VERY happy indeed with mine, and have no desire for the complexity and costs and problems associated with the current, latest vehicles.


Personal view only, others views will no doubt vary.



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