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Motorhome Crockery Peterborough Show

Sandra Adams

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Guest pelmetman

Corelle? ;-) ..............


We have some........Its a kinda thin Pyrex....... lightweight and stacks very thin...................although I don't think the mugs are made from the same stuff :-S....




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As there were apparently 300+ exhibitors at the Peterborough show, identifying the trader that was selling the tableware you are interested in clearly isn't simple. I note that there was a free show guide for visitors and it's usual for such guides to list exhibitors and what they will be selling. So (assuming you have the guide and it lists exhibitors) you might be able to narrow your search down to a limited number of traders.


As I said earlier, the company that appears to exhibit Corelle tableware regularly at this type of show is "Sail and Trail". There's a Corelle-related thread here




and you'll see (on Page 2 of that thread) the following comment:


"I was disappointed that the mugs are crockery mugs though! Plates bowls etc are corelle. I don't know! They can put a man on the moon but they cant make a mug out of corelle. It's attaching the handle apparently. They can't do it."


This difference in materials becomes evident if one GOOGLEs on "corelle mugs". As Pelmetman higlights, although Corelle 'flatware' is made of glass, Corelle mugs are actually made of porcelain or stoneware.


All I can suggest is that you contact "Sail and Trail", confirm that they exhibited at Peterborough and (if so) ask what they were selling at the Show.


These are two of the Corelle dinner sets they market on-line





You'll note in the "Details" sections that the mugs in the 1st dinner set are made of stoneware and the mugs in the 2nd dinner set are made of porcelain.

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If you're going across to France have a look in the large supermarkets there as at least one of them has their own range of this type of crockery and they are much cheaper, for example it was only €1 for a dinner plate! :-D
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The French equivalent to "Corelle" will be "Luminarc" tableware.




A GOOGLE search will reveal that Luminarc products aren't paricularly cheap and, as it's possible to obtain Luminarc mugs, it can be assumed that's probably not what was being sold at Peterborough.


As you say, French supermarkets do sell inexpensive glass tableware that looks similar to the Corelle and Luminarc products. I don't think this will have a similar combination of lightness/toughness/durability, though.

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