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sticky stuff?


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So what is this nasty gooey stuff that ACE MOTORHOMES used on my Airstream 680fb to seal the frames of the outside lockers and the frame in the shower room, it has succumbed to gravity and has formed lumps and is sagging down every where, it also has the added attraction of getting all manner of dust and dirt stuck to it outside . Any advice on how to clean it off and what to re-seal the locker frames with? :-(
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If you want to know exactly what adhesives/sealants were used during your Ace motorhome's construction I think you will need to ask Swift (though I'm a mite doubtful you'll be able to obtain that information), or you might get some joy via "Swift Talk".




It's commonplace for leisure-vehicle manufacturers to use a non-setting, non-drying 'bedding sealant' when installing windows and door-frames, and not that uncommon for that sealant to sag or emerge from a joint over time as a result of gravity and the effect of hot weather.


Some advice on resealing external joints is here:




If you want to avoid this type of problem in future, you probably need to use an adhesive/sealant that cures (eg. Sikaflex 512 Caravan) though you need to be aware that such products produce a very strong joint that may be very difficult to break should this prove necessary later.


I would have thought that the type of sealant/adhesive sutable for bedding in a locker-frame would be tootally unsuitable for joints in a shower compartment (which is how I interpret your posting). I'd expect a polyurethane-based adhesive of the Sikaflex type to be employed there.


Some earlier forum threads that may be helpful:







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Thanks for the information, the web sites are interesting, Sikaflex it is after I have cleaned all off, a putty knife and white spirit with an old tooth brush seems to work so far. The shower cubicle gloop seems to be the same constancy and colour, cleans off the same. :-S
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