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Gap years


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Hi, my Grandson,who is twenty., would like to take some time out to tour Europe. so that he can say he has done something before settling down. No car will be taken


Anybody can help with this, how do you arrange it, or don;t you arrange it and just go.



Many youngsters seem to take Gap Years, does someone arrange these or is there some organisation to do it for you.


His basic idea is just to catch a ferry and see what happens but this seems risky to me.


Any ideas or if you know someone who has done it much appreciated.


Any for or against comments




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Guest pelmetman

Has he any money?..............nah ...stupid question (lol) ...............if your prepared to lend him 5k he'll be able to buy a camper that'll get him around Europe and back...........and get your money back if he's careful ;-)..........











Ooop's just seen the flaw in my plan :-S..................20 year old = careful (lol) (lol) (lol)...............







PS................... I guess I aught to settle down one day 8-)..................I will when they stuff me in that bonfire at the crem >:-)

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Do not wish to make comments adversely but speaking as one who had a 'gap' of 2 days between finsihing work and starting college, and then repeating it in reverse at the end of term, all I can say is if he can afford it, then good luck. I never could. Also life showed me the many good and bad sides. so I learned that way. I assume he has a career lined up for when he returns or to be blunt he would be better spending the time getting work as it is getting hard to come by. With a salary in hand having a vacation can be just as much fun.


If he/you all agree he should do it then try to persuade him to get a travelling companion as things will be safer for both of them. If you can arrange a trip that passes various friends/relatives along the way then at least you will have 'check' points to calm your fears and also to assist if things do not work. He gets mugged for example.


Arrange for money to be avaialble at various points so there is back up as it is all too easy to blow the lot the first week. By the way does he have the money or are you funding this? Sleeping under the stars sounds romantic but is not realistic and cheap hotels are not cheap anymore.


Only you will know if he has the mentality and degree of thought to handle this, has he ever been away alone before, and does he for example plan to get any work while doing this. If so, then there are other hurdles to look at such as tax etc. Some go to Australia and work cattle ranches for example but the Aussies are clamping down on undeclared income as much as anyone. Europe still has a lot to offer but with the recession work is hard to find, unless he speaks the local language fluently.


Bluntly many that take 'gap years' have lots of funding and access to sources that support them. When 'Daddy' is rich then you can do anything. Others call it a 'gap year' but it is really another year of avoiding a dreary job.



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Hi Fred;

Our son has taken a couple of european holidays, between uni years and his first job, and he bought a european rail-card, planned his route in some detail and visited france,switzerland, germany,austria, hungary, croatia, bosnia/herz, (might have missed a few out), and flew back to uk from italy. Took 3 to 4 weeks and really enjoyed it, stayed in hostels and met lots of people. I wish I'd done europe by train when I was his age; better bet than hitching!!

be safe,


alan b

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