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Damaged waste pipe

malc d

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The flexible pipe from my waste water tank was ( until two weeks ago ) fixed to a bracket under the offside of my van by a thick 'rubber band '' - ( it's been there ten years or so )


Leaving the reception office after arriving at a site I noticed that the band had broken some time during my journey, and I estimate that the end of the pipe was bouncing along the ground for up to sixty miles or so, which has not done it a lot of good. It seemed quite o.k that morning when I emptied the tank.


I bodged it up with a couple of bits of copper wire as a temporary fix, although the damage to the end of the pipe has not caused any problem with emptying.


If you have a similar arrangement on your van - have you had a look at it lately ?

Could be worth checking


( If the pipe had been longer I reckon it could have gone under the back wheel and hate to think what that could have done to the tank itself ).




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