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Sea view required


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Here we go again with a question re-recommendation as I believe that this is the best place to get impartial advice and personal recommendation on sites.


So got just under a weeks hols booked mid august mrs ips wants to go to a beach so below is a list of our very specific requirements so maybe we are asking too much but here goes,any ideas ???


1 - North Cornwall / Devon (Poss other, open to offers as long as its 4 ish hours max from Lancashire)

2 - On a beach or very very close to a beach with a sea view (preferably small none club site and defo no holiday park type)

3 - walking distance of shops and or harbour


Good luck and thanks in advance :-D

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Well IPS, apart from not being in Devon/Cornwall. My house would fit all the other criteria!!

Seriously though, you may struggle to get anywhere, if this weather keeps up. Why not wait untill after the school hols? Seprember can be great. Wish you luck in your search


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Hi ips


Is North Somerset any use?...


We've stayed here the last couple of August Bank Holiday weekends(for the Watchet Music Festival):




It doesn't(or didn't!) mention tourers on the website but in the past,I've just emailed them...and on both occasions we've managed to book at,what was for us,quite short notice(..that is,several weeks, rather than months! :$ )

Last year I'm pretty sure that it was about 12 quid with hook up..not that bad for a BH weekend.


It's right on the cliff ...and about 10mins walk around to the harbour.

(..and although there are some statics up the far end, there isn't a clubhouse or playgrounds etc... ;-) )


If you "google earth" it,you'll see the touring units are the first on the right of the drive.There is also a grassy "paddock" to the left of the drive and we pitched in that last time...


The railways does pass right along side it...but it's quite nice seeing the steam locos chuff past... ;-)

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Thank you gentlemen but a woman's prerogative has been implemented now she has decided on the lakes as not as far and still has water.

Women don't you just love em.



will bookmark that one for future reference it looks nice.

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Just in case Mrs Ips changes her mind and you fancy the south coast of Devon, then the CC site at Plymouth Sound has really good views, but is a bit of a walk to Plymouth, though there is a bus service. Also the NT site at Exmouth is good and not too far to shops, but no sea view, but the sea is not far away. Can think of others. I prefer the South Coast but as others have said ukcampsite is a good bet.

If you really want to travel then go right down towards Lands End and visit the Minack Theatre, open air with a view out to sea, if you get bored with the play.

Anyway enjoy the lakes. :-D

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