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Mark 1 WiFi Direction antenna mounting


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Having found this year with my directional WiFi antenna that there are far more open WiFi opportunities in France than most people think I started looking at how to increase the search area.

The usual gismo for sticking it on the windscreen is ok unless you need to do a 360 degree search when it soon becomes tedious remounting it on each direction.

Having still got a Vision Plus TV aerial mounting collapsable pole hanging around in the garage I made up a timber shoe into which the Directional Antenna slides. This was held in place to the pole with a couple of spring clips and the whole hoisted through the roof light section after section till it was some 1500 mm above the roof.

This has given a huge increase in WiFi hits it brings in and also open and Fon opportunities.

It works a treat and can be rotated through 360 degrees in the space of 60 seconds while not leaving the computer at all.

For a first try It is not far off the mark and stows away in the back of the Wardrobe again mounted on Spring Clips.





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BGD - 2013-07-21 2:00 PM


I can see potential problems with lightning strikes, and low-flying aircraft too..............


.............and rain.


All covered.

Don't erect when Storm is due,

Mk 2 will have a Aircraft warning light blinking away when erected. If I can find one on EBay.

Rain Erect via Shower room Vent!

;-) ;-)

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