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waist water tank


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There are various systems used to sense the contents-level in motorhome waste-water tanks, so It would be helpful to know which make, model and build-year of vehicle you are referring to.


I think (based on your earlier postings) that you might own a Chausson Welcome 55, but I don't know how old it might be, nor, in fact, whether you are referring to your own motorhome. I also don't know which type of waste-water tank contents-level sensing system a Welcome 55 would have but, if that's what you've got, another owner who is a forum-member might.


Possibly the most common arrangement involves a simple, small swinging-float electrical switch like this one




mounted in the side of the waste-water tank close to the top. Until the tank approaches full, the float hangs down with the switch's contacts 'open'. When the level of waste-water in the tank approaches full, the switch's float is raised, the switch's contacts are 'closed' and a warning light on the motorhome's control-panel illuminates.


If a float-switch becomes gunged up and sticks in the closed position, the warning light will remain constantly lit even though the tank itself is empty. Other possibilities might be a faulty float-switch, poor electrical contacts at the switch or a control-panel fault.


As I said earlier, there are alternative systems to the float-switch one. If you inspect the waste-water tank, it should be relatively straightforward to decide which type of sensing system has been used.


Problems with waste-water tank contents-level indicators are far from rare - see below:







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The indicator in our LMC works the other way round :-D When almost full,it indicates 1/4 full :-D

However-the fresh water tank indicator works well,so, as most of what goes into the waste tank comes from the fresh tank,I know that when fresh tank is low-waste tank will be getting full.

After a time you get to know how many days you can go before having to empty.


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