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Caravan and Camping club Winter Rallies


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Good Afternoon.


At the end of July the caravan and camping club send out their winter rally book for Spain and Portugal.


My wife and I are now of that age to be able to try one of there rallies.


Could I please ask the forum has any body been on the rallies, are they any good,.I presume they are


as I am told they get booked up quite quickly.


Which rally do forum members consider to be better or to be missed.


Is it better to go before Xmas or after and last but not least should it be Spain or Portugal.?

Thank you in anticipation


Dave wh

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Hi dave

We started motor homing 4 years ago and have spent a couple of months each winter in either Spain, Portugal or both. We have been on these rallies every year, sometimes for 12 weeks, sometimes 1 week sometimes a mixture of 2 or 3 different rallies. Can honestly say that they are normally well run with good stewards and that the more you put in the more you get out of each rally. We will definitely go on another one next year but not sure which yet.


We have been to castilo de banos 3 times, El rocio, Guadarmar in Alicante, Turiscampo, Almafra in Benidorm and Moncofa. The only one we did not enjoy was Moncofa where we did not think much of either the location or the stewards- but then others loved it. We have also visited the site at La Manga but not participated in the rally. The more familiar we have become the more we tend to do our own thing most of the time but book one or two rallies for a week-sometimes for no other reason than to exchange reading matter and to see places that are best done as a group. We have met some very nice people on these rallies and generally think that they offer value for money. Hope this helps


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Hi Dave


We visited Spain and Portugal in January and February this year and tried out several of the rallies.


In summary:


- Most rallies have good stewards who work hard to provide at least two daily activities.

- Some rallies consist mainly of eating and drinking events with a little gentle exercise thrown in.

- We will definitely not be going to Albufeira, Portugal again - poor site, pitches ill defined, poor drainage, town worse than the worst British resorts etc. It also rained hard whilst we were there, great restaurant on site though. Learning point - research the location better before booking.

- We liked Playa Tropicana and would revisit.

- La Manga has its good points (large 'en suite' pitches) but not our sort of area.

- The 'new' Marjal Costa Blanca is absolutley massive and will be nice in five years when the trees/hedges grow but not close to the coast (or much else for that matter)

- Bonterra park gets rave reviews - just why I don't know , maybe it's because there is a Lidl next door and a spanish supermarket opposite. Site pitches are tight/close together and it was packed with mainly German and Dutch campers when we visited.

- Many rally sites have long stay regulars - some of whom make new visitors welcome.


Having done our inspection tour this winter we'll be making our own arrangements for 2014. Definitely go after Christmas rathe rthan before due to family reasons.


All the en route campsites we used were acceptable, especially Larrouleta on the spanish border.

The Regio Hotel in Salamanca was also excellent as was the town.


So maybe consider a trip taking in several rally sites and make your mind up for future years.

You can of course stay on the sites without joining in the rally.

We got very good back up from the C&CC when our ferry was delayed due to bad weather.

Best of luck.



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Guest JudgeMental
If you feel more comfortable going with an organised rally then why not.....On my second winter trip to spain solo (wife younger and still working - here at the moment for half term :-D) and would never dream of an organised rally for myself, lots of friendly helpful people around so really no need iMO.just choose site locations carefully..bikes a real bonus.....
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I agree with the Judges post. Have been on 4 different sites so far and always found friendly Brits. If you want an organised rally then the club sites are there but be prepared to pay more than you would if going direct to site. Get a copy of the ACSI book and you will recover the cost in now time. One thing for certain you will enjoy.
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Hi,we did rallies for many years,enjoyed them,but as we get older we don't need so much activity surprising how quickly we engage with and make friends of our own choice,then we don't feel obliged to join in any activities we don't wish to. Costs slightly more off rally,but we can often pick sites which are smaller and I think more friendly and much closer to town etc. off to Calpe Mar for 3months next week,we endorse comments of Bonterra Park and HATE La Manga,what a dump! You need a map to find way round and it was full of all day Boozers when we were there last,admittedly in 2006.you pays your money &takes your choice.
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