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Was an Apple fan....................................until about 2 years ago when I got my first Android smartphone.


Utter revalation!


Communicates seemlessly and perfectly with any PC without having to use the bloody awful slow and clunky Apple interface.

AND without you having to convert all your music and audio books to the rubbish Apple-only "aac" file format before you can load it onto your phone.


You can add and delete tracks instantly from PC or by "bumping" or by bluetooth.


The number of Android apps will very shortly overtake the number of iphone apps, as Android is "open source" software, so masses of programmers are writing new apps all the time........and many more are free, compared to iphone apps.


The market leader for Android smartphones is now Samsung....mostly their "Galaxy" range. They are now outselling iphone globally by an increasing distance.


Just look at the specs of any of the Galaxy phones: the S2, S3 or latest S4. They are utterly awesome and beat iphone hands down on ...speed, memory, camera spec, features.

Then look at the prices. Maybe save at least one-third of the iphone price and buy a better specced, easier to use phone.


Galaxy smartphones come with typically 16 GB of memory built in, PLUS you can add another 32GB or even 64GB simply by slotting in a removable micro-SD card. with an iphone you are stuck with the typically 16GB that it comes with.

Galaxy smartphones have removable batteries. You can carru a spare, or easily change it yourself if it dies after a few years...and a new battery is onl;y a few quid. Getting an iphone battery replaced means sending it back to Apple and paying their highway robbery price.


If your Galaxy phone has a problem, any phone technician can open it/replace parts really easily. Any warranty on an iphone is instantly voided unless you take it/send it back to an Apple centre.


Secondhand prices for Samsung Galaxy on ebay are very good......you can get an "unlocked" ( ie it will work with your Sim card, whatever network you are on) used Galaxy S2 for about £100....this was worldwide "phone of the year only two years ago and will still do miles more then you want miles faster than you need.

It has only recently been superceded by even more uber-awesome uber-faster models as the tech race continues.

For a smaller handset the S3 mini gets very good reviews too, but hasn't got quite the same high specs as the S2.

If you're richer and don't mind a slightly larger handset than the S2, get the slightly bigger S3......even newer and faster, but still a lot more expensive second hand.

The latest S4 is simply sex on a stick. Mindblowingly good and fast......if you can wangle one of those then get one!


Having tried my phone compared to her iphone, Kathy has also just last month demanded to come over to the Android side and get a Samsung Galaxy phone too......so actually I've had to buy a second one!




I would never go back to iphone; and I'm feeling a bit sheepish now about having been taken in by their hype, loony prices and poor performance for a number of years.

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