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A UK question - Somerset Carnivals


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Hi I'd recommend:


Isle of Avalon

Godney Rd



It's only about a 10min walk into Glastonbury(..and it's not as "hippy" as it sounds... ;-) )



This is supposed to be very good(slightly more "up market"?)but we've never used it...


The Old Oaks Touring Park (adults Only)

Wick Farm





Worth checking on here for reviews etc:


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Isle of Avalon is just over 20 mins to the 'B&Q' roundabout (A39 meets A361 on the Street side of Glastonbury) which is where we usually watch the Carnival from.

This is the start of the parade and watching from other points puts an hour (or sometimes much more) on to the end time.

We live in Street and can walk to this roundabout from home so no parking issues.

Old Oaks is ruputed to be a wonderful site (regular award winner) but is 3 miles from the same watching point.

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Pepe, it's not too bad from the pi**ed up youngsters perspective, I would say worth a trip if you are anywhere near the area at Carnival Time (Nov 16th this year). Not overly busy as most of the visitors drive away at 10:30 ish...

We go about every 3rd year as it can be a bit 'samey' for the locals/regulars but something different for visitors.

Here's a link to the Carnival info site http://glastonburycarnival.com/


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We lived in Bridgwater for… more years than I care to recall. Before that, I lived in Burnham-on-Sea, also on the Carnival circuit.


The Carnivals are, truly, spectacular. And it is a family affair. And lots of bus trips come into town and other events are laid on through the day [in Bridgwater].


And yes, in Bridgwater [the venue with which I am most familiar] the pubs are rammed. And yes, there is merriment. But the worst of the drunkenness used to happen on what was known as Black Friday – the day AFTER the Bridgwater Carnival. Most unpleasant. The Carnival “gangs”, as they are known, would take over the town. That has been stopped, more or less, because the Carnival days have been re-scheduled.


The whole event is fiercely competitive, with the Gangs working all year, with great secrecy.


Agree with poster who said it's a bit 'samey' after a while. I must admit that after seeing the processions [we’d often go to more than one] for a goodly number of years, I just didn’t bother going along. But the first time is quite breathtaking.


There are 3 “circuits”; the Carnivals referred to, Bridgwater and Glastonbury, are part of the largest and most popular.


You can search for accommodation, including caravan sites on the Carnival website and the OP may find that another venue may suit better - North Petherton is a nice venue [the same floats go to all of them]:




Sometimes the C&CC have Temporary Holiday sites too.


Hope this helps.












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We go every three or four years, whilst it's true it might seem a bit 'samey' if you went every year I think it's one of those things that most people would be well advised to go to at least once.

Last time we went was 2011, the numbers of campers at Isle of Avalon where well down on other times we've been. Note that in wet weather the grass area on site gets very boggy. The big floats park up on bypass during the day just a couple of hundred yards from site, so you can have a good nosey in the afternoon to see how the're constructed. Sunday for us is a walk up the Tor.

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If you have never seen this carnival it is fantastic the parade goes on for a couple of hours and will take your breath away when you see the size of the floats and work that goes into it

We were there last year stayed at Unity Park they lay on a bus to and from the carnival for just a few pounds


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The Wells Holiday Park is a Premium site (adults only), and is a short walk from the Wells Carnival circuit always held on a Friday. This makes it handy for those who can only make the Friday, or at least is nearer the weekend. The Wells Carnival is on the same circuit as all the others, that is it is basically the same, some floats may not attend, other additionals will attend. It normally takes over 3 hrs to pass, and is the equal of all the others.


The main point being that it is a short walk from the site, you will not need additional transport.


Plus Wells is a beautiful town. Have you been to Bridgewater?

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