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Avoiding unwanted PPI calls


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If you are plagued by unwanted PPI sales calls here is how I avoid them on my mobile phone.

The last thing you want is to pay for incoming calls while away from companies that have automatic call systems.

First most of these calls seem to limit the length of the incoming call to 2 rings before they hang up. I suspect this is to avoid connection to a answer phone and so causing them the expense of a connected call.

Having never answered one of these calls I don't know what happens next but it must be one of two options.

1. It records a live line for further calling?

2. plays a recorded message to request you to call them?

Or both

So I wait when I see a unfamiliar call number to see if they hang up after 2 calls. If they do I enter there number in my contacts with the Monica "Don"t Answer" I now have some 45 numbers so listed.

This way you are pre warned and avoid the expense and problems down the line of answering.

Works for me.


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