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I've replaced the digibox that came with my Autotrail with a 12v Sky box on the assumption that I could use my (home) viewing card in it- I know those nice people at Sky wouldn't like the idea but if I'm paying for a sky package I want to use it all the time- pointless paying £55 a month if you're away for 4 months of the year. Anyhoo...the box works fine until the card is inserted whereupon I get a "this card doesnt match this box" message. Checking the Sky website suggests this isnt an issue you just have to re-register the card for the serial number of the new box. Now my worry is if I do this can I re-register the home box back again ?

anybody got any experience of this ?

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Be interested to see what would happen.

I suspect that after a couple of times sky will smell a rat and try to stiff you up for a second subsription, you could get a multi room subscription but this cost another £11 per month.

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coach2000 - 2013-08-08 11:03 PM


Another way is to fit an Invertor then you can have 240volts for when off hook-up. I do this regular as I have a 240volts TV, and it is no big inconvenience. The battery drain is quite low.



We use this approach, too.

I have fitted quick release fittings to the dish feeds which speeds up the transfer to and from the van.

I suspect that the older 12v boxes don't have sky+ and are certainly not HD.

Our box is a1 terabyte HD Box.

I also have a seperate. sky+ box which would be ok in the van but it, too, is 240v and would need us to contact sky every time we went away/home to re register the card to the box.

Much easier to move the main box if you want everything you pay for ie sports/movies.

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