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Satellite Problems - Help !!


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I have a 2012 Swift Bolero with a Maxview satellite system which was fitted by the dealer when we bought the motorhome and has worked perfectly since new. In preparation for our holiday next Friday I tested the system and have an issue.


With the TV and Satellite receiver switched on, all I get on the TV screen is, as expected, "No Signal", I then get the dish to auto-search for the satellite (Astra 28E), As the dish gets close to the correct position it starts to fine tune, making very small movements, at this point I get a good picture on the TV of whichever channel I have selected; however, as soon as the dish locks on to the satellite and I get the "Satellite Found" message on the control box I loose the picture and go back to the "No Signal" message.


I have checked and double checked all the cables, I've moved the motorhome to see if that makes any difference and nothing.


I have 2 questions:

Does anyone have any clues what may be causing this

Does anyone know of an engineer in the Cambridgeshire area who I can call


Thanks for any help



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Hi to everyone who responded.


After some trial and error swapping of components to isolate the fault I now have the answer. The problem was with the Maxview "Free to Air" receiver. I am advised that the auto-scan controller powers the dish and LNB whilst the dish is searching for the satellite but once the satellite is "found" ,the controller almost shuts down and the receiver takes over and is required to provide he necessary power output - this was not happening.


I would like to say a big thanks to Mark at Maxview (details are on their website). He responded very quickly to my emails, helped me with the fault diagnosis and once confirmed swapped the receiver (FOC) for a new one and all before we went on holiday - excellent service.


Dave T

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Dave, glad you got the issue resolved and well done Maxview.

Thanks for posting the resolution to this issue, so many posts ask for help, suggestions arrive and some are tried and tested BUT so many threads are, literally, left hanging as the OP didn't bother to post the resolution which is hopeless for others using this site as a reference point.

Well done.

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