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Damp problems-can anyone advise?


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Hi there,

I am the proud owner of a W reg.Fiat Ducato Lifestyle 590 RS.I am experiencing damp on the wall side of the fresh water tank.Last year I put it into the dealer(Marqis-Newbury) at great expense I might add and they claimed to have fixed it.

This years habitation check revealed that the damp is back,with a vengeance!So I'm assuming that all they did was to replace the offending panel.

Can anyone offer advise---please!



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Hi, welcome to the forum and I am sorry to learn of your distress.


Did Marquis guarantee their work and if so is the guarantee still in force, and even if it isn't have you spoken to them to enquire what their policy regarding goodwill to customers may be regarding this kind of repair?


If identified and repaired properly it should have lasted much more than a year and it begs the question whether the work done to a satisfactory standard in the first place, but you might well need an independent report to be able to substantiate that and that will cost.


I am always suspicious of alleged damp meter readings as sometimes it is nothing more than condensation through lack of ventilation caused by lack of use - unless there is visible evidence of water ingress?


I'm afraid that damp issues go with both the age of the van and the make and unless it is structural or unsightly it might be easier to place a dehumidifier in the van, leave all the lockers open and just live with it?





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Sounds like they replaced the damp panels but did not investigate and repair where the water ingress was coming from. Being an older van it probably has polystyrene for insulation water has a habit of of moving great distances by capillarity action the source of the leak could be several metres away. You probably need to remove and reseal any joints & window seals within a metre or two of the damp area.
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Did you take the van for this year's habitation check to the same Marquis branch as carried out the repairs last year?


Was the claim that last year's work had cured the damp put in writing, possibly on the invoice?


If the answer to both is yes, I think their work was demonstrably defective, and they must now carry out whatever work is required to make good the claim they made last year.


In principle, I think they are now legally obliged to do this at no cost to yourselves, even if the repairs are now more extensive as a result of greater damage being caused by further leakage. However, much will depend on what they actually claimed to have done, and on your ability to prove it.


Take the van back to them, show them the earlier invoice and this year's damp test resuts, and ask them what they propose now to rectify the defect they claim already to have rectified, how long they need to do this, and when they will start. Then see which way they jump.


If the evidence is as clear as it appears from your post, you should be able to pursue them for remedy via the small claims procedure, but you will need to get advice and guidance from Trading Standards or Citizens Advice.


However, negotiation and persuasion, and giving them every opportunity to make amends, must be the essential precursors to any kind of legal action. Whatever you do, don't posture, threaten them, or get mad! :-)

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