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A happy ending


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I have been very pleased with the response of the Caravan Club insurers, Equity Red Star, to the theft of my Cavarno. After 3.5 weeks they came back with an offer for the van and contents. I thought the value of the van should be a little more so they said they would pay what they had offered immediately and review it. I was then lucky to be offered a replacement which was almost the same as the one I had lost and based on this put forward my reasons for wanting more, and we met half-way. Throughout the whole process I never had to chase them and they were most helpful. Top marks.


So 6 weeks to the day we will be back on the road. It's been an interesting few weeks because we had thought about up-sizing but while doing the research for a replacement we concluded that the advantages of being only 5m out-weighed the disadvantages.

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