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New EU caravan Test Proposals


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I have just received my copy of the Camping club magazine, and it reinforced a passage which had appeared in a recent Caravan Club magazine too. It is in regard to a proposal going through the "Euro Parliament", at the moment which would make it mandatory to have your caravan "MOT" style tested annually. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CARAVAN IT WOULD EQUALLY APPLY TO CAR TRAILERS, AND ANY TRAILER OVER 750KG eg; Horse boxes? "Toy Haulers"???


With this in mind I have written to my MEP (and my local MP) as follows:-


As a member of both the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravan clubs, In the UK. It has come to my attention that an amendment to a caravan and trailer road worthiness proposal has been made, which, if carried would result in the requirement for an MOT style test for all caravans over 750kg MAM. from 2018.


I am deeply opposed to such a proposal, which not withstanding its being yet another "EU" interference with the legislative right of our Sovereign Parliament to legislate. Would be tantamount to inflicting yet another TAX on the already stretched motoring public!, unfairly singles out one section of the electorate unjustifiably. And would have long term effects on the viability of the UK caravan industry, as the purchase of NEW caravans depends to a great extent on the second hand market (as with cars) which would be "strangled" by any statutory requirement to go beyond the requirement of "fitness for purpose" which currently exists anyway.


On technical grounds the COST involved in setting up yet another tier of examiners. specialist testing stations, and training testers etc; would run into a figure estimated to be in excess of 230 millions of pounds at the minimum, in the UK alone. And quite frankly I would suggest to you, would be far better spent on Education or keeping Pensioners warm in winter.! And of course the eventual cost would be borne as usual by the TAXPAYER motorist.


Beyond that, this proposed "test" would contribute nothing to road safety, in that all research and even Government / Police statistics show that less than one percent of ALL accidents actually even involve a "towed unit". And in the majority of those cases, the causes are speed, overloading, or poor weight distribution. None of which would be addressed by another expensive "Test" of this nature. After all one does not spend several thousands of pounds on something just to neglect it!!.


In my opinion, there are better and less interfering ways to spend this sort of money and is typical of the "Bullying" that goes on by European UN-Elected bureaucrats who's only purpose in life in bringing forth these ideas, is to protect their own jobs and status at any cost!, and regardless of the financial pain they inflict on the general public, who stupidly continue to finance their existence, at regular intervals.


May I urge you as My MEP. to vote against this any other similar proposal and to actively lobby your colleagues, both British and Non British to throw out any such similar ideas too



Yours Faithfully Etc.:




Might I suggest that ALL caravaners (and motorhome owners who tow trailers) should NOW write to their MEP`s and MP`s along similar Lines? If you don't I suspect that another TAX will be soon added to your already hefty, annual bill!!!




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Guest JudgeMental
I think it a fantastic idea..the more dodgy caravans it gets off the road the better...I have lost count of the number of caravans I have seen flatpacked and overturned over the years.....
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Being an ex caravanner I think it is a very good idea and the sooner they bring it in the better. Far too many old caravans out there that are not kept in a good state of repair and if it means safer roads I'm all for it. Anyone with a well looked after caravan in good condition the thought of a road worthy test is not going to worry them. The only ones that are going to kick up a fuss will be the ones with the old bangers. As for large trailers & horseboxes they are often in poor condition left in owners gardens all year and only used once or twice a year.

I was surprised that the C&CC are taking stance against it, I would have thought they would have supported it.

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Not too oncerned about this, just see it as another unwelcome EU intrusion, and another level of 'red tape' to be added to impede the leisure industry, also the infrastructure is not 'in place' to test all of the vans that exist.

PLUS, I do not want to see a differant number plate on a trailer, from the 'towing vehicle', I think THAT should be illegal, ie. You get 'clipped' by a passing Foreign registered caravan or truck, and the number that you 'manage to take down' IF you are lucky ? DOES NOT relate, or MAY not relate to Driver of the Towing vehicle !! and just you try tracing the Driver by just the 'Trailer' registration !! NO-ONE wants to know, and believe me I have tried. Which means YOU have to claim on your OWN insurance.

NO a bad idea, Not in this Country please. and a fundemental weakness in the seperate registration system. Ray

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