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Autocruise Starblazer Exhaust ..?


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Just checked my Autocruise Starblazer Garage .. late 2004 pre buy-out model .. and found the exhaust needs replacing .. well front and middle boxes ..

Base vehicle is a 2004 .. 2.8 Peugeot Boxer ..

As I live in Brittany I need to book it into a garage in the Uk when I return via Plymouth next week.

Could you please help with a couple of my queries ..

Was a cat fitted to these exhausts ..?

Do you a good garage that can fit an exhaust in Plymouth or close to ..?

Has any-one had one fitted recently ..if so cost please..?

Anything else I shoud know ..?

Thanking you in anticipation



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Pre cat,they came in 2006 models

That was based on my 2.3 , since looked at an add on ebay which suggests yours might have one.If you look underneath the cat is a short cylindrical device just after the downpipe the other two larg boxes are the silencers. Here's the ebay link incredibly cheap price I think £148.87 postage inc.


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