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World adaptor?


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I just read that you need a special adaptor for Portugal, as we are going there for the winter.

We have the French 2 pin adaptor which you can use in Spain so I believe but anyone know about this please ?


We just read it said we must have a "world adaptor"?

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We have toured Europe extensively and have found that we only need three different plugs on campsites - the three round pin blue one that is widely used in the UK and on modern campsites across Europe, the French-style two pin one (used in lots of campsites in Portugal) and the slightly different German-style two pin one (used extensively in Spain). Sorry, but I'm not an electrical expert so I don't know the correct terms for these plugs - no doubt someone with a better technical knowledge will be able to help you more. Have a good trip.


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French domestic mains outlets demand a plug with two male pins and a female earth socket and this type of mains outlet is still pretty common on French campsite EHUs. The German "Schuko" equivalent plug has its earthing-point(s) on the side of the plug.


It is possible to obtain a 'hybrid' 2-pin adapter that has a female earthing socket and a side earthing-point and examples are shown here



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....from research I would expect (most?) outlets to be either the standard 16 amp connector, or the German "Schuko" CEE 7/4 socket which your current adapter should fit.


Portugal also appears to use the CEE 7/16 "Europlug", but this will fit a "Schuko" socket, (as well as a large selection of other, different, European sockets - the very reason for its design) so this is most likely a red herring, unless there happens to be a dedicated type of socket (unlikely, and of which I am unaware) shaped specifically for this.



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susie1997 - 2013-08-29 9:40 AM




Here's the item, found out how to add links, easy when you know how.


Do we need this then please?


What you've shown is a 'USB' adapter aimed at charging small electronic devices.


There is SKROSS 'world' adapter aimed at converting one type of mains socket outlet to another




but you'd be unwise to use it on a campsite EHU as it's not designed to be weather-resistant.

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....as above, I would expect your standard hook-up (possibly augmented by your existing adapter) to be sufficient.


I've been pondering why you should (think you) need a "world adapter" in the context of a hook-up (a pretty odd concept, and one I haven't ever come across).


I wonder if it is a matter of context of any wording.


The sockets in any facilities block(s) will be "Schuko" type, and if you wish to use any electrical items with these (hairdryer, shaver, etc.) then a continental adapter plug will most definitely be required.


Whilst we don't often find we need one, we actually have a couple in the 'van (and Mrs H sometimes uses her hairdryer in the loo block, particularly if the hook-up is of low amperage).


For a Schuko socket (and for general touring in Europe) you might therefore find it useful to carry one - a simple item such as




....(an example only), should suffice.



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