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LEMMERZ 5.5J 5 Stud wheels


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Hi Folks


I have decided that I need a spare wheel for my US built boat trailer, but am rather put off by the estimated shipping cost of $150!


The existing trailer wheels are 14" with a rim width of 5.5" and take an ST 205/75 D14 tyre. The offset, so far as I can tell from my measurements, is 1". The individual wheel maximum load is stated as 1,760lbs. Having done an internet search or two I have noticed that the LEMMERZ 5.5J 14" wheel often comes up from caravan stores at a reasonable price.


Does anybody know the offset for this wheel and whether its recommended loading is anywhere near my existing wheels? I would point out that the boat will be well below the maximum loading on this trailer - probably 700kg (1,540lbs).





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