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I'm uncertain what sort of electric fire you have in mind.


If you GOOGLE on "caravan electric fire" (omitting the quotes), you'll retrieve a number of references. For example






Some of these heating appliances will have been aimed at static caravans not towed ones, but I guess an appropriately sized fire could be installed in your Pageant. If your present gas fire has 230V 2kW capability, installing a similar output electric-only fire should be straightforward. If your present fire has no 230V capability, or you want to fit an electric fire with a really powerful output (say 3kW), a suitably robust wiring system would need to be installed or the existing system would need upgrading.


As far as I'm aware, no sort of 'special' 230V-only fire is marketed specifically for towed caravans that would be a realistic replacement for the traditional caravan gas fire. The reasons for this being so should be plain as, if a caravan were pitched where no mains electricity supply were available (or the mains supply were low amperage), an electric-only heater would be unusable/inadequate. That's why the traditional fire for a towed caravan is gas-fuelled (so usable anywhere) with a 230V option that can be employed when a mains power-supply is available.


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