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Total Fuel stations/colurs


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Whilst driving through France last week, I noticed that some Total fuel stations were on an orange background and some on the traditional red. Now oddly they had the same signs on the pumps and excellium fuel, but that the orange sites were at least 10cents cheaper per litre. I think the cheapest I saw was Euro 1.28 a litre at the orange site and red site about 1.40.

Question is, why the orange sites? Van is still doing good mpg when use the orange site diesel. :-S

Thank you

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Can't answer the price difference question but according to their website, the red stations are changing to 'teak' colour as part of updating process.....


Equipping Service Stations to Meet the Challenges of Sustainability




We are taking a number of steps to make our European service stations more energy efficient. To cut back on electricity consumption, we are installing real-time tracking devices to monitor power use and tailor the operation of equipment to business hours, customer traffic and even weather conditions.


All around the world, a growing number of service stations are turning to renewable energies, with the help of photovoltaic panels or solar thermal collectors.


The Parsac highway service station in France illustrates this integrated approach and combines several advances. Equipped with increased insulation, photovoltaic modules and solar thermal panels, it uses a heat pump, natural cooling and power-saving lighting solutions. In addition, its coolers are precision-controlled to reduce their energy use.


Along the same lines, we have developed a new visual identify for our service stations. The more up-to-date, airy T-air design is gradually replacing our current red stations. With a much lighter, translucent canopy and a dominant natural "teak" color, the new stations blend into their surroundings better.


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