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Alko Motorhome Chassis Rear Axle Lubrication/Inspection.

Frank McAuley

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sean.clarke - 2013-09-26 7:15 AM



Is this truce for all Alko chassis? I have a 2012 Arapaho with an Alko tag axle, I have seen this mentioned on forums, but can't recall seeing it in any of the literature supplied including some booklets from Alko.


Get underneath and look for grease nipples. I read somewhere that they have started making 'sealed for life' axles. I have no idea whether this is true or not but if you have no grease nipples then it is.

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The rear axle fitted to motorhomes with Al-Ko's "Air Premium" suspension is evidently maintenance-free - otherwise one would expect there to be grease nipples. Having said that, this 2010 Al-Ko publication




indicates that there's an option to have maintenance-free bearings on FWD chassis.

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