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Euro Disney

David Turner

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We plan to travel to Euro Disney near Paris during October half term break

I looked back for information on parking at Euro Disney but info is some what dated.

Has anyone got the latest info on Parking at the site and best time to arrive and facilities?

We have 2 day passes for 2 adults and 2 chiidren

Any tips would be appreciated


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There's a 22/09/2013 comment on the relevant campingcar-infos entry that suggests nothing has changed recently




Motorhome parking/services 2013 tarif is said to be €30 (from 0h to 24h). This suggests that, if one parked there in the afternoon, spent the next two full days in Disneyland and left the following morning, this would count as 4 x 0h-to-24h periods and the overall parking charge would €120.

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We went mid august 2013 charged us 30 euro for parking nobody asked the next day lots of room, water and waist facilities, we did not use the toilets but they looked ok

We found Disney a bit of a rip off ,but the light, water and fireworks at 11pm were worth it.

Went to Park Asterix 3 days, much better value for money


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