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Gearbox or Clutch ? ?

dream machine

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I'm looking for advice re problems I'm experiencing with my Autosleeper Rambler (similiar to the Symphony model).


It's a X reg Sept 2000 Boxer petrol which I have owned for 5 years and it's only done 32000 miles.


Initially like many MotorHomes it was used infrequently but for the last 12 months I have been using it on a regular weekly basis.


It's always been inclined to make a crunching / grinding noise if hurried too fast when engaging 1st & reverse gears (taken slowly after fully depressing the clutch helped to avoid it) also it became stiff changing from 1st to 2nd but recently this has got worse. It has now also started to make a different grating noise when changing from 3rd up into 4th.


In very hot weather the gear lever 'squeaks' too which I have tried to cure by lifting the gaiter away from the lever and using a spray Lub on the inner mech which has helped but not entirely stopped it.



When I put it in for it's MOT (it sailed through Ok) I mentioned it to the garage but they were very busy and could not fit in a proper check of the problem but hinted it was probably the gearbox and could carry on for sometime before it needed a replacement.



But is it the gearbox or is it the clutch that's causing the problem?

Are these fitted with cable clutch's ? could that be the problem ?


I had my garage replace the gearbox oil last year when I heard that water can get in & pollute the fluid - but when they drained it they said it was still OK.


Obviously there is a big difference in cost replacing a cable against fitting a clutch against replacing or reconditioning a gearbox - could you give me your opinion as where the problem lies.


What would a clutch likely to cost including fitting if needed?


What would a new or recon gearbox cost including fitting if needed ?


Obviously I'm now reluctant to go any distance in it until I can pinpoint & resolve the problems.

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Can't remember but early Boxers were cable clutch I think and later ones are hydraulic - anyway an internet search should tell you and if not if there is a cable running to the top of the gearbox with hopefully an adjuster on it that will answer your query.


Is the clutch pedal up high and level(ish) with the brake pedal with very little free play before it bites or is it a long way down and starts to bite very early?


If it is cable you can refer to the handbook for adjustment, but it is fiddly and I think you will need 2 x 10mm spanners to unlock, adjust and relock the cable. relocking is crucial or it will vibrate out of adjustment again very quickly.


Sorry, but it's been a lot of years since I had to do this and my memory is not what it was.

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