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headlamp mask


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I fitted headlamp protectors to my van and they came with two sets of vinyl masks,both used now and have been using bits of tape since. I was wondering where Fablon could be bought to make my own masks .

Today spotted Lidl are selling self-adhesive blackboard film 45cm x 200cm enough to last a number of lifetimes.

Going to check out tomorrow.

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I bought headlamp protectors for my motorhome and painted the shape of the headlamp mask for continental driving on the inner surface of the protector. I got the shape for the mask from the Ford web site. I normally just leave the protectors in place even when in the UK as the headlight are just used for driving in the rain. If necessary, it takes just a minute to remove the protectors which can be easily refitted when required.



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DEEANDEM - 2013-11-08 3:26 PM


Is there any one out there that can tell me how to convert the headlights on a hymer to left hand drive


Thank for any help that you can give me


....taking a punt on these being the round Hella units, following the thread here (and the included link - rather detailed) will probably help.







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