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Customising a motorhome interior


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We are newbie motorhome owners, having had our 2007 Bessacarr E540 since early July. The rear washroom layout suits us very well, and the storage space is great. However we find the large circular door on the wall cupboard over the sink in the galley to be very cumbersome and heavy. What do others think about removing the circular door and replacing with flat doors (as indeed Bessacarr have done with their later models)? Would we have to keep the circular platform intact and save the door to refit at some point (hopefully well into the future) when we eventually resell?


Really enjoying our new lifestyle, and have been away more weekends than we have stayed at home over the summer.

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Glad you are enjoying the lifestyle and the van!

We have a Bolero with the same cupboard and both the top and bottom carousel are more style over function but we live with them.

Re the top cupboard, I fell the biggest issue is the long stretch to the back of the cupboard as the protruding sink (which we like...) gets in the way a bit. Sometimes my wife can't reach something there and needs me to get it.

Will the new door look good enough, will it fit ok, and it will reduce the capacity of the cupboard by 30% or more. For me, I'd live with it......but if you find it too heavy then give it a go, you can always refit the old door.

Good luck and welcome to the forum and this wonderful life...

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