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Anyone out there?


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Rather than create a new thread with a moan perhaps, if you refreshed the original question, people might be more inclined to reply than to have to go look for the original?


A vehicle is designed to be used, especially a commercial vehicle, so using it is better for it than parking it.


Whether using it will avoid any mechanical or electrical issues depends on many factors, not least of which is 'how long is a piece of string' - to use the technical terminology.


So at the very least using the van will not harm it as long as you get it properly warmed up and driven for long enough that it is not running on a cold engine when you stop.


As far as sealant goes - I don't know - but the fact that it keeps oozing out would concern me as it suggests body flexing and if that goes on what oozes out will eventually run out and water might be able to get in. You might know when this happens due to the stains inside the van but if the water freezes the joints could open up even further and that would be a real problem?

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The oozing sealant indicates its non setting, either an old fashioned oil based type or butyl. In either case as Tracker says its leaving a potential void where water can penetrate. The oil based type can be thinned easily with white spirit and wiped clean. Butyl is a probably close relation of Blutack and sticks like the proverbial to a blanket and usually has to be scraped off as its not easily disolved..


Resaling depends on the joint involved. Without sight its its difficult to offer any advice.

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