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Travel insurance for 90 days


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Martyn22 - 2013-10-01 4:34 PM


Has any one advise about multi use travel insurance which gives me 90 days stop in one place, I am 65 years old


Try search, as this has been raised before.

Should be no problem at your age!. We have 90day extension , both over 75, and with health issues!

I think Saga do!!

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For house insurance beware and read the small print. I had to research this extensively and for some insurers a friend or relative won't do, it has to be a family member who "normally lives at this address".


The coop home insurance offers 60 days as standard.


Club care home insurance , through the camping and caravaning club offer 180 days as standard with no conditions attached and they are competitive on price.


For health we have insure and go "backpacker policy" which can cover you for whatever period of time you need, not sure how good they are on claims as we have never had to claim.





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I am renewing my Annual Multi-trip Worldwide Policy at beginning November and have encountered the same problem as Martyn22; we will tour Europe in Spring 2014 for about three months but most policies have a per trip maximum of 45 days or 60 days. Also, if over 65 then the trip limit often reduces to 31 days!


If you have to make a Pre-Existing Medical declaration as well, it adds to the complexity.


However, I discovered today that the Camping and Caravanning Club Euro Travel Euro policy does provide everything I needed - 91 day per trip / 183 days per annum + Medical Screening giving pre-existing condition cover (arranged and paid for separately but as a 'bolt on' to the original policy). Then the Travel Team allowed me to add single Worldwide trip for our holiday in Mexico in December 9 (by air, not motorhome :-) )


This cannot all be done online but when I phoned, the Travel staff were extremely helpful, though I had to speak with three different teams to get it put together. Each Team passed me on to the next. It all appears on one policy when completed.


The total cost was a lot less than my existing policy and cover appears to be compare favourably.

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