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Chausson Flash10


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I have just bought a chausson flash10, budget motorhome of the year 2012,


Yes, you can tell it is budget quality but my finances dictated what price i could afford and it was a choice between this van and a swift ,though i agree it is nearer to Hull than France if any major problem developes.

My question is this, are their any other chausson owners on the forum and if so is there anything that i need to keep my eye on,ie, things that can or do go wrong!

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When my husband passed away i wanted to carry on with this relaxing hobby of ours so i downsized to a panel van, which i owned for 3 years.( At the time the memories of my husband in the hymer were very painfull), last year i met this lovely gentleman who was on his own with a panel van and one thing led to another and we eventually became an item but 2 people in a panel van can strain a relationship (bit small for two) so hence i traded in for the chausson.


I admit the quality is not the same as the panel van but you do get more for your money, on hindsight i may have been better buying a used quality van but on reading the forums i was put off buying a budget british van,even though mmm testers seem to always give a good review, and German quality is expensive.


Thanks for your reply.

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Guest pelmetman

Don't know if you found this?................




Seems to be a bit on the anorak side for me :D...............


There are plenty of people who have or do own a Chausson on here, you might be better of posting the same question on Motorhome Matters as some people don't venture into Chatterbox *-)...........


Some people have no sense of adventure :D

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