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Fiat Ducato

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Hi experts we are newbies, just bought our first Motorhome; a Fiat Ducato Eura Mobil Sport 2.5TID Diesel, on a 1998 plate, great little camper. We have only had her for about 2 months and so far we have been up North touring around the Lake District up to Carlisle and back down to Dover, and just got back from touring around Europe covering over 3500km without any problems - Apart from our 12v fridge doesn't work on 12v or gas, it was working on gas but now as problems igniting, smell gas but no flame.


I Took the outside panel off and cleaned the connections. It works fine on 240v. I've downloaded the instructions for the system Electroblock EBL 200-6 and it mentions about a relay that operates both the awning light and fridge, Stops the awning light from working while the engine is running and the fridge from running when the engine is not running. Well the awning light works while the engine is running and we are moving. (Only tried it for a minute). Could this be the problem? But also the leisure (Habitation) battery doesn't charge from the alternator while we are travelling, charges from the mains on 240v which is how we managed to get along. I think some body as messed around with the system at some point and added another mains charger. Turned out the only reason it wasn't charging from 240v was because of the glass fuse inside the Electroblock. Sorted that now and charges fine from mains, so turned off other added battery charger. Also the water tank gauge and battery level gauge do not work either.


So to all you experts out there, any ideas how whats going on and how to fix the problems? I can add pictures if need be if it helps.

P Outten

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