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Plebgate - IPCC - makes an interesting statement


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Leaves a nasty taste does it not ? I have always found the whole carry on was a stitch up and the sight of other officers wearing those pathetic / childish pleb t-shirts makes me want to puke .

Everything that is bad about the police demonstrated perfectly with the whole sorry saga .

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Yes it does.


Whatever you think of the Politician - it really does leave a nasty taste in the mouth.


If someone of his position can effectively be bounced out of his job by three policemen concocting a story - what hope has the average person?


If wrong doing is identified - the penalties must be severe, whoever is the guilty party.


If it turns out to be the police then it is very serious indeed.


Not least because of the overt dishonesty, but because either by design or ignorance of the possible outcome, if guilty, those three Police Officers conspired to remove an elected official of Government.



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