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Peggy Corps

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We are hiring a motorhome in Alice Springs and working our way to Melbourne.

We have been to Australia quite a few times and we have had quite a few motorhomes.

So those two things are ok.

But has anybody any hints on campsites, which seem to be very expensive.

We realise that there is only one campsite at Uluru, has anybody got any comments to make on that.

Is it better to take the tours that are on offer from the campsite (we wanted to do Kings Canyon as

well)rather than take the motorhome.

We have got quite a few things on our itinerary, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Cooper Pedy, Woomeroo,

Broken Hill but would welcome any other suggestions.

Or any other info you might think handy.

I thought I had seen somewhere that you might be able to get a Caravan Club member discount on some sites but now cannot find where I saw it.

We are hiring from Apollo Motorhomes and believe we will be able to get 10% discount but that will probably be on the most expensive sites anyway.

All and any comments would be welcome. This will be in the month of September.

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Hi, we went to Aus 1996, so here goes from what i can remember! Uluru campsite is good we had a log cabin (we did this in a car not MH) swimming pool the lot, and it was busy, try google i'm sure they will have a website now (them days very limited was the web!) ayres rock is stunning sunset/rise takes a good hour to walk round! we didn't go up it cos it rained!!!!!!!! 1st time for 3 yr also the aborigines dont like you going on it cos its sacred, kings canyon is magnificent !!!!!!! but it is a 3hr drive in a car so a MH will be longer we counted 40 cars in the opposite direction on the way there (thats how boring it was!) do some stops there are farms/wildlife centers that will let you overnight so i would in a MH do this, at the top of kings canyon (its all pathed and marked) you can actually see the curviture of the earth its breath taking!! but as you will know the vastness of Aus for driving it gets boring! oh and watch out for the lorries they are not like here 30 ton jobs they are road trains HUGE! 100 ton and they dont stop for nowt! as for expense it is what it is cos there is nowt else!! cant help on cooper pedy and other stuff cos didnt have time! to do what your saying would need at least 4 week minimum to do it justice


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Went to Australia in 2001 for the Solar Eclipse and hired Campervan from Britz. Uluru Campsite is OK, although it is best to take alcoholic drink with you from Alice, as very expensive and rationed(!) at Uluru. While in the area, a visit to the Olgas is worthwhile, if only for the view and ambience. Why not take the 'van to Kings Canyon? The resort Campsite is OK (again drink is dear and rationed there). There's a good parking at the Canyon and the rim walk is fabulous - BUT talk plenty of water as it is so easy to stray off the path if you become even slightly dehydrated in 40+ degree heat. We stayed a couple of nights at Coober Pedy and it is like nowhere else we've ever been, and I wouldn't miss another chance to visit. We found the road from Port Augusta to Adelaide quite boring and another time would find a route through the Flinders Ranges. The Great Ocean road (12 Apostles Rocks, London Bridge etc) is worth the effort to see, but sometimes it is overrun with Japanese bus trips.


Have a good trip, Neil B

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Thank you both for that.

Plans have been changed twice due to one son getting married (got to come home earlier than expected) and the other son in Aus getting time off. Kids ! I'm not having any more (at 66!!)

Anyway still going out on 31.8.2014, blow the lot of them!!!!! Thanks again.

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2 years ago we (mean I really) drove from Alice back to Adelaide using motels etc to stay. Went to all the places you mention and would agree with all the comments already made especially Cooper Pedy. The homes in caves are fantastic. Equally the Flinders Ranges was worth the diversion. I was determined to go to Woomera although the locals in Adelaide looked at me like I was mad. They were right, what a dump and disappointment. before you leave Alice there are many very interesting places to visit and see close by.


I did notice that everywhere had a campsite although I'm not sure that all of them were of a high standard.


I would suggest that because of the number of filling stations you don't drive past one as although we only had a small car there weren't so many that i could put enough fuel in to miss one.



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