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OK Favourite sites Germany


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Now that is a very big question and the answer will depend on what you want from your holiday, when you are going, how long you plan to stay and how far you want to drive.


We have been travelling in Germany for the last 14 years - most years for 2 1/2 months each year and have seen most of the country - but not all. There are still interesting places to find.


If you are going any time soon and want to visit the Christmas markets you will find so many and I am sure others will be along soon to give you their favourites. Just remember that you need to have winter tyres at this time of the year.


If you are going in summer there are tons of "routes" you can take depending on your interests. If you want to see lovely old towns and half timbered buildings you may want to choose the "Romantische Strasse" from Wuertzburg to Fuessen. Or you may like to travel the "Fairy Tale" route and take in Hameln (Hamlyn).


If you would like to see some really stunning county side and also take in the the superbly restored city of Dresden then I can highly recommend following the Elbe river from Dresden to the Cz border through the area known in English as "The Saxon Switzerland".


There are many more areas including the most often visited by Brits of the Rhine and Mosel and the Black Forest.


As for favourite sites - If you mean camp sites - I wouldn't bother as Germany has an abundance of Stelplaetze many of which have full camp site facilities but can be as basic as just a place to park. Unlike camp sites there are many right in the middle of towns and cities making it easy to see the sites even when you don't have alternative means of transport.


You could start your research with the German Tourist Board web site - http://www.germany.travel/en/index.html and also look at the lists for "Stelplaetze" of which there are quite a few. A good 1 to try is the Dutch site - http://www.campercontact.com/ You can get an app for this site information if you have a smart 'phone or tablet - the app is free to try out with 10per cent of the data base and costs about £4 for the full version (one off payment) which entitles you to free downloads of any updates.


Happy travelling.

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Yes germany is a big place with lots of different areas.

This year we went to Lower Saxony, (Little Switzerland). Stay in Konigstein, the campsite is right on the banks of the River Elbe and an easy walk into the town. It does have a railway line running behind but it is not really noisy. Alternative is to stay in Bad Schandau where the campsite is on the hill behind the town. This site is well situated to climb the surrounding hills, the steeper of which have metal staircases to assist the ascent. There is a nold tram that runs from the campsite into the town of Bad Schandau.

From either of these places you can take the train to Dresden or as we did cycle along the Elbe Way. A traffic free cycle path following the Elbe.


On the way back we spent 3 days at Colditz, visited the castle and explored the surrounding area. the castle was fascinating, well worth a visit.


We had hesitated about traveling to the far side of Germany as we only a have 2 week holiday. It only took us a day and a half with an overnight stop at the Braunshweig stellplatze.


We will definitely be going back as we did not have enough time to explore Dresden.


Other favourite areas are the Hartz mountains and Bad Widlbad. Camping Kalbermuhle is about 4miles from Bad WildBad and is an amazingly peaceful place. You are surround by miles of walking and cycling trails in the Black Forest. We met a British couple there who left after one day as it was "too far from the town and nothing to do." I could have stayed for weeks, cycling in the morning and relaxing reading in the afternoon.

Hope that helps and yes Campercontact helps us choose sites.

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There is lots of good advise from the previous posters and they have given me an idea for next year, as we haven't been to Dresden of the route along the Elba.


We have taken the route along the Romantic Strasse and onward to Bavaria which is beautiful I can stay for days in Fussen on the Stalplatz as it is handy to shop and also a lovely place to use your bike,s.


If you want just a taste of Germany and would like a short trip ie a couple or three weeks I can recommend a leisurely drive along the Mosel from Trier stopping at as many villages as you fancy they are loads of Stalplatz and you can ride a bike with ease or even take the river boat into places to visit, there is a good Stal with good facilities at Neumargen Dron (sp) there I always do my washing in the machines and make use of the good showers, it is right beside the Mosel and has good eating places and Vineyard outlets.



A good guide is THE BORD ATLAS its full of Stalz and C sites and is available from Vacarious books, it is in German but very easy to understand as it has symbols, maps , and is in alphabetical order so easy to use.

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Hi Maggie

I too can recommend the Elbe valley. We went there this year staying at the campsite at Konigstein from where we caught the train to Dresden. In Dresden we got on the tour bus. I think it was about €20 but well worth it as you can use it all day getting on and off wherever you want. It really is a magnificent city. We really wished we had more time to explore the Elbe valley but our visit was part of a much longer tour so time wasn't on our side.

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Thanks Mike :-D we were thinking of making our way to Czechoslovakia it sounds as if it wouldn't be out of our way to stop there, we have been going into Germany for the last 7 years there are lots of interesting places to see aren't there, we love it.
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