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Rapido 891F


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Did have a look at Highbridge, for us garage not big enough as, if we were to change, would want to be able to,store our bikes.

The layout is fairly std for an island bed model in about 7.4 mtrs, lounge Ok, kitchen a bit small, loo room ok but separate shower floor a bit spongy.....something i noticed on a lot of Rapidos i looked at this year.

Drop down bed looks fine, i would have had it on a 150 2.3 (probably not a Comfortmatic.....! ;-) ).

For me, the 2014 models look a lot more up,market due to upholstery changes etc.

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MMM magazine reviewed the 891F in a May 2013 article (pages 150-155) and a summary is here http://tinyurl.com/okhx22j


As bolero boy says, Rapido has introduced changes to their vehicles' interior 'look' for 2014. These include the option of having the furniture in (hideously) shiny "Montalcino" finish and a wider choice of upholstery-fabric (though there's only one fabric as standard for 8-Series models, with the rest being 'pay' options). I don't think the 891F has otherwised changed for 2014.


Two further 7.39m-long models have now been added to the 8-Series range - the 866F and 881F. These differ from the 891F from the kitchen rearwards, with the 866F having twin single beds and the 881F having a right-across-the-vehicle shower-room/toilet arrangement similar to that used in the 10001 model.

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For the 2014 Rapido ranges, the company's own website would be best to use for information and downloadable documents.




It's possible to download 'full' Rapido brochures for a few earlier years from here:




(I've downloaded the main 2013 brochure as a test. The photos are not highest quality, but the document is complete.)


Downloadable 2010-2012 brochures are also available here:



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