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Over 70 travel insurance firms. Advice on three. Any knowledge of claims or recomendations please


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I have now narrowed my travel insurance for "multi trip annual insurance" aged over 70 and 90 days or more at least each trip.


My question is, has anyone any experience of claiming or using the following companies? Even though the prices quoted are extremely different the quality of the policy is very important to us.



COMFORT £169 (excluded 3 conditions though that are not life threatening. 90, 120 days or longer)

Edit...Just confirmed with Comfort, unfortunately, as one condition relates to

heart then any claim realted to this would not be covered.will not risk this

now as this could be an open book diagnosis)


LV £269 (90 days maximum but no limit per year. All medical problems covered)


CCC £380.70 (90 days each trip but maximum of 183 days a yea. All medical problems covered)


Hope this also helps other people looking for long trip insurance too. I have gone through the policies and they are all similar anyway as far as I can make out of the gobbledeegook! Pricewise Comfort is streets ahead but now have to remove from list so its LV or CCC?




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