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Cycle Carriers - Anyway to lock them?

Fiat Ducato

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Hi everyone


We have a Fiamma cycle carrier that attaches to our motorhome on the rear, with clips and pins that hold it one. We are on our fist motorhome so newbies to all this. Just wondered if anyone knows if there is any kind of way to lock the cycle carrier to the motorhome as I'm not sure I would trust this system if we were to lock our bikes on the carrier and then go off somewhere, who's to say that potential thievs wouldn't just take the whole carrier off, very easy to do and fairly quick with all the bikes on it.

Been looking if there is any kind of system or special lock with keys that securely lock your carrier to your motorhome.


Any comments advice or feedback is very much appreciated.


Many thanks


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If your bikes are locked to the rack it will make things a bit more difficult for thieves, and hopefully they will go elsewhere.


When on site we take our bikes off the rack and lock them to a tree, or some such ' structure ' when we are off walking for the day.


There is no way you can stop a determined thief - you can only make things more difficult for them.




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You could perhaps replace the clips and pins with torx headed nuts and bolts, which would make removal of the rack slightly more awkward. However, the rack is only light gauge aly tube, so a pipe cutter, hacksaw, or bolt cutter will easily remove it if the thief is "tooled up". Whether anyone would bother, will depend a bit on the value of the bikes.


If they are of high value, it is unwise to leave them on the rack while you are away from the van. Check you insurance for limits on cover, and what it says regarding bike security.


Bear in mind also that bikes with quick release saddle clamps or wheels tend to suffer from theft of those components, as well as of the whole bike.


Much also depends on where you are. My daughter's bike was stolen in London in broad daylight, in full public view, by a crew who arrived in a white van, who everyone assumed had been sent by the council to remove abandoned bikes. A friend's bike was locked to a lamp-post, and her bike was locked to her friends. The thieves cut the frame of her friend's bike to get hers, in preference to trying to cut the locks. Not much comfort, I'm afraid, but London is probably the highest risk place in this country for bike theft.


Bike covers may help a bit, as the values of the bikes is not so instantly obvious. They also help a bit to reduce the crud that plasters bikes on rear carriers when driving on wet roads.

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Our last van we had a plug in our back locker that had a plug that was wired into the VanBlitz alarm we used to wrap the wire around the bikes and have them plugged in so any attempt to remove them set off the alarm.


Otherwise I would think good bike locks fastened to the carrier and another locking the two bikes together would deter anyone in a hurry.

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